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Attractive men's design. Automotive Parts for men - like women's clothing. Your shop is focused on a strong half of mankind. Hence, the design should be appropriate. Nothing flashy, all reserved, so to speak for like a man. Continuity in the work. Easy navigation. Careful arrangement of details. Informative resource. Understandable names and phrases.

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At the moment the specified product or service does not have a standard price (price can depend on many factors, see product/service description). Get more information about our products and services, on the status of your order, to order calculation, get invoice for payment or check status payment, you can ask us directly using any of the contact methods : phone (+43720816816 | +4578746973 | +441617680141 | +16692353730), customer service form Live Help, request form "CONTACT US" or on emails (info) or (support).

  • You, as a responsible and enterprising business man, sensing the approach of a new era of business. All move to the Internet. And you, too, have decided to move, or create a business in the network, using the endless possibilities of the World Wide Web. You need to create an Internet store of auto parts. You have decided to engage in the sale of much needed spare parts. CPS Gmb offers its services to create a commercial resource, the most effective and efficient.

    Internet shop - it's not an easy life. Design, programming, each picture and the phrase on the website should encourage the person to buy your products. We made dozens of online stores of various kinds: bright, comfortable and understandable for users. Development of online auto parts store for us - it is simple, we just put into it all the knowledge and experience accumulated by us.

    Features of your online auto parts store

    Still You have decided to create an online auto parts store. Online store is much easier than the real store in the first place, for the entrepreneur. No need to pay the rent, salaries of staff. In case if you is big company then it will give you the opportunity to find more retail and wholesale buyers.

    Developing an online store of spare parts for the business must be carried out exclusively by professionals. Spending time and money on something in between - is unacceptable, because you do not have the right to wait. Business should work here and now, as soon as the site will be created. Effective development of online auto parts store - it is the prerogative of specialists.

    We offer you such a feature of your online store:

    Attractive men's design. Automotive Parts for men - like women's clothing. Your shop is focused on a strong half of mankind. Hence, the design should be appropriate. Nothing flashy, all reserved, so to speak for like a man. If you have other idea for site design, then development of online auto parts store will be on your idea.

    Continuity in the work. You will be in the range represented by a lot of things: from spare parts, accessories to the tires, that is, the total weight of your site will be rather big.

    Easy navigation. Our designers will make sure that the men will see clear section headings, and the catalogs that located directly in front of the eyes.

    Careful arrangement of details - the basis of success in the development of online auto parts store.

    Informative resource. Every product should be provided in full info. We take care of it, filling your site informative articles.

    Understandable names and phrases. So everything should be clear and understandable.

    What do we offer

    The platform for the sale of spare parts

    Where there is a convenient search tree parts on marks and models of automobiles.
    There is a search for the items as for aftermarket manufacturer and on the original numbers of car manufacturers.
    The database contains over 20 million cross reference numbers that allows you to automatically search for analogues among your suggestions.

    Cross references

    Without base cross references you may miss out on a significant portion of revenue. Cross references give possible to offer customers a variety of options for both original and non-original spare parts according to its wishes and financial possibilities.

    Download price lists

    Number of downloadable price lists is not limited, you can upload as many price lists as you can find. Formats accepted loader xlsx, csv, txt.

    Auto parts suppliers. Auto parts wholesale.

    Supports an unlimited number of suppliers (warehouses) with individual settings. Individual discounts, margins and other parameters.

    Online Web services

    We will be able to connect online Web services your parts suppliers.

    Additional system modules

    Additional broad functionality that allows you to solve a lot of unusual problems.

    Integration with your ERP / CRM systems

    A good way to automate all processes, for possible to spend more time, where it is not enough.

    Payment systems

    Integration of more than 20 electronic payment systems (PayPal, Moneybookers, HiPay, QIWI, CreditCard)

    Hosting for online auto parts store

    Optimizing websites for search engines (SEO)


    - $700 to max 10 brands of parts
    - $1200 to max 300 brands of parts
    - $2000 for all brands of parts




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