Web Services - a group of services for access to information via the Internet. Web services are unique developments in the automobile business. Web services - indispensable mechanism of modern business on auto sales.

Provide your customers with exceptional service with minimal effort using the Web Services !

Increased profitability

Web services provide and improves competitiveness parts store for comfortable conditions of the order, offers customers an alternative choice of goods and delivery terms, and as a result - this is attract more customers, the maximum satisfaction of demand and an increase in sales.

Providing quality service

Web services - it guarantee the relevance and accuracy of submitted in online store information parts. This is an opportunity to operate with huge amounts of data without overloading their resources and not caring about the updates and completions databases. You just need will to show its customers complete and accurate information and quality services.

Saves time-consuming

Web services save time of your employees and customers to exclude from business processes need for constant downloading of price lists and updating databases. Search speed increases in times of parts and ordering connected provider comes down to a single click.

Reducing the financial costs

Web services automate routine manual labor is treated hundreds of SKUs in a single click, guarantee the accuracy of the order, excluding, thus, the error associated with the "human factor", and lowering labor costs of experts, which is certainly a positive impact on the optimization of financial costs.

Web comparison of prices

Increase your range of products connected with the supplier by setting their levels of margins and delivery times. Web comparison of prices - a service for connect with platform the auto parts suppliers and integration with your software to use are always up to date information about the availability of spare parts and its analogues in the warehouses of suppliers, prices and terms of delivery as part of your supply contracts. Connecting a service makes it possible to offer the customer a huge assortment of your auto parts suppliers with the ability to select the appropriate delivery terms and prices. Using the services of our company's software, you can adjust the levels of trade margins on parts and delivery time for each connected provider.

Web information

Full visual product information is always at hand!
Service will allow you to be informed on individual items, even if you are meeting him for the first time. Instead of having to search and download heavy database or table you can connect a service and then you can fill the card product with a single click, such as bar code, manufacturer, code part, name of the part, the details of criteries, cross-references, details of applicability. Service helps you quickly navigate in the applicability of the items to car your client to make sure that he picked exactly the part you searched for, and it really suited to his car.

VIN and license plate services

The ability to determine the vehicle data according to a specified VIN or license plate. Currently, license plate services support for the countries of Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and also according for KBA-number (for German)

Installation and integration with Virtual PBX

Can be installed on site button direct call from the site, which will provide an opportunity to save telephone expenses for your client. We also offer the opportunity to buy direct city SIP number in more than 70 countries.

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